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    What in The Motherland is this?

    Crazy Reg is a webcomic started in 1997, sporadically updated over several years and eventually ceased to be circa 2003/04. It was revived (with a false start or two) in 2010, and eventually brought back online in 2011.

    It all started as a one-off joke, but over the Summer holidays of 1997, it became so much more. Egged on by immaturity, fueled with bad-taste and set loose on the internet, it was influenced by cartoons such as Ren & Stimpy, and websites including Doodie.com, Stickdeath and Too Much Coffee Man.

    A total of 30 episodes were made, three of which were animated GIFs. Unfortunately in 2007/08, the entire lot were lost due to computer virus / poor data maintenance.

    With the 2011 ResurErection of the comic, a whole new series and style has been deployed. That begins here!